Friday, 22 July 2016

Art by Duster

I've been working on my very first series of art inspired by watching birds sit on wires.

Here is my first piece:

I hope you like it hehehehe

Sunday, 17 April 2016

I'm a chatterbox

Have you checked out all that I have learnt to say?

I'm a chatterbox and like to talk nearly all say and sometimes even while I'm asleep hehe

Here's an updated list

You can always listen to me talk and I'll have some new vids up soon but here's a recent one:

Monday, 22 February 2016

Duster Loves Free Toys: 2 - The Orange Chip


Soooo my Orange chip is a toy I made all by my very self.

My human says I was very clever.

The story began with my human giving me a piece of orange with the skin on.  It was a special orange from Cheops Feijoas where no sprays are used so it is very safe for me.  As I was eating it I discovered that it was a very fun toy to flirt with.  So I threw it down onto the floor and decided to hide it amongst my toys so that my human couldn't throw it away.  I kept it safely hidden for quite a few days... I'd almost forgotten that it was even there!  Then when I found it again it was all dried and crispy like an taco or corn chip.

Here's how you can get one too:

  1. First get your human to take a segment of orange peel from a well washed un-waxed orange.  Ideally it would be from somewhere that doesn't use sprays like mine was.
  2. Ask your human to put it somewhere warm and dry to dry out.  By a fire, in the sun, in a dehydrator, or in the oven on low (or while it's still warm after it's been used) are all possible ways to get it to dry out.  Depending where it is it may take a few days to dry out till it's fully crisp.
  3. Now nibble, chew, play, flirt and have fun with your Orange Chip like me...

Additional Tips:
Your human could make yours any shape or size you want, or you could experiment with a different kind of citrus skin.

A hole could be made before drying so it could be threaded into toys or slid onto perches... or anything that you want.

SAFETY: Always get your human to check that it is still good before playing with it and if there is any sign of mold or something icky then throw it out and get a new one.

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

On Instagram

Yup it's official... I have joined Instagram!!!!

I want to bring smiles, laughter and happiness to as many humans as I can, so feel free to pop over and follow me to get your daily dose of Duster goodness!

As always you will still find me daily on Facebook , and on YouTube for vids, and here on my Blog!

Friday, 29 January 2016

I'm Cooper's Corner Cutie for Jan 2016!

Ohhhhhhh I'm so excited and honoured!! I'm Cooper's Corner Cutie for Jan 2016!!

I recommend Cooper's Corner as it is a fantastic Blog

Thank you Cooper xx

Monday, 11 January 2016

Duster Loves Free Toys: 1 - Swings

Hello there my friends.  This is the first post in a series where I'm going to introduce you to my free or recycled toys.  While there are some fantastic toys out there that you can buy, many free items can be as good if not better fun.  And because they are free, it means we can easily have more toys available for us to choose what to play with!

1  -  Coat-hanger Swing

So first up is using a coat-hanger as a swing.

I like the triangle shaped ones best as they give a few options of where to sit and climb.

It's best to choose a fully plastic swing.  Nearly every human has one to spare from their wardrobe so you can fly by and choose one and leave poopie presents on your human's clothes until they get the message if needed hehehe

Metal may not be safe depending the type as some metal can be toxic.  Wood could be treated and so it may not be safe for us; and fabric can lead to us ingesting fibres which can block up our digestive systems.

You'll need to find somewhere for it to hang.  For example I have mine over a chair back, which is extra perfect as it has a hole in it. Otherwise over a play stand, cage stand or perch would work well too.  In a large cage or aviary it would work well over a bar on the roof, over a branch or perch, or linked onto another hanging toy.  If you don't have something suitable you may be able to get your human to use a hook or hanger to set it up.

Now enjoy..... swings are great fun to play on and provide us a little more challenge to land on while moving.  But they are also great to relax on, preen on and snooze on.

Monday, 4 January 2016

10 Things You May Not Know About Me...

1)  I live in New Zealand

2)  I fly free inside... pretty much all day and evening, every day

3)  My favourite number is 3, and I like to say 3 a lot hehehe

4)  I'm a Kiss Monster - I give all my toys and friends lots of kisses, and I love to get kisses

5)  I can say over 100 phrases/sentences and even more words.  You can see a list of them here:

And here I am talking about important stuff like rugby, the All Blacks, cuppa teas and cheeky munchkins hehehe

6)  I'm often scared when I notice birds outside

7)  I didn't really like having bird visitors; although I love having kind and fun human visitors

8)  I like to feed my toys sometimes and my humans tells me 'don't feed them Duster, your toys don't have mouths or tummys'!  hehehe

9)  Some of the bars (or bar lines) on my head have blue because of 'suffusion'.  Normally bar lines are black or grey markings.  I have a mix.

10)  Oh and did you know my favourite toys are my little blue lids?!!  tehehehe

And I even have a little Lid Lovers Club if and lid lovers are welcome to join: